Auto-restart Mining after Power Cut, MSI Burner Optimizations  

by ne on 2021-09-29 under TechBuzz tagged with CryptoCurrency

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A common problem with every miner is - how to restart mining automatically with same configurations etc on a power cut, or PC restart ?

Here's what worked for us:

1. Make mining a startup program

Place your mining-start application (eg t-rex .bat file) in windows-startup programs. 

Open windows startup folder (window + R, then type: shell:startup), and copy a shortcut to your .bat file from which you start the mining process (eg t-rex bat for ethereum), in that folder.

This will startup your mining application as soon as windows starts up.

2. BIOS settings to restart PC automatically on Power Cut

Most modern BIOS versions in motherboards (eg : z390 etc), they provide a setting to restart PC automatically on AC power resume.

Simply navigate to power settings, and you should find a setting called What to do on AC power cut or something like that, simply choose POWER ON option if you see one.

3. To reload MSI burner configs automatically on PC startup

In case you're using MSI burner profiles/configs to tune your mining system, then you need to follow these steps to get your MSI burner automatically start with your profile/configs on the PC startup.

  • In Settings of MSI burner, under General tab click on Start with Windows.
  • In Profile options, save your 2d and 3d profiles to whatever they are (they should be what you have set so far), and click load automatically.
  • Save settings

Now following the above 3 steps, your PC will auto start after a power cut, the miner-app will auto start with windows, the MSI burner too would auto start with windows and it will load your configurations/profile by default.

So you're all set to leave your mining-rig alone and be ascertain that it will continue earning for you !


Happy Mining