Allergic Rhinitis ? Sharing my personal experiences and my way through it  

by ne on 2021-09-29 under Others tagged with health

Wondering if this post is for you ? Just ask yourself the following questions, and decide to go ahead accordingly:

1. Do you often wake up with congested and stuffy noise, accompanied by a slightly delayed (few minutes after waking up) : sneezing, running nose and irritated/itchy eyes ?

2. Walking outside, in dust/smoke - causes you sneezing ?

3. Wheezing/whistle sound from your throat in nights ?

If answer to any 2 of the above is YES, you have my full sympathy, please read the full article.

It is said that Allergic Rhinitis affects different people in different ways - most common of those being the sneezing and congestions.

You can read plenty about the disease, treatments, types blah blah. What I am going to share here is


  • The symptoms I had with Allergic Rhinitis.
  • The solution that worked for me.


For years, I used to wake up with stuffy and congested nose, and as soon as I would wake up, often at 4 or 5 in the morning due to difficulty in the breathing - I would feel terrible runny nose, and soon sneezing will start.

Here's the summary of all symptoms, I faced:

1. Stuffy/congested nose - almost more than half of the day.

2. Sneezingrunny nose and irritated eyes in the mornings. And after few hours it would generally get better.

3. Strong uncomfortable itchy sensation in the roof of the mouth, during nights and in morning. If I would press it with my tongue - it would feel that it's getting relieved - but would soon result in sneezing.

4. Fatigue and headache - often due to the above issues. 

5. And after couple of years with above problems, trying out different solutions - somehow I developed a new problem. Wheezing. A whistle like sound coming from throat, generally at nights - and which would make it terribly difficult for me to breath normally. I started feeling like I have got Asthma.

It affects you in multiple ways. One thing is for sure, it becomes very difficult living a normal, healthy and happy life.

I tried various different options, but unfortunately - they all gave temporary relief. And more often than not, the problem returned with severely worse symptoms than before.

What didn't work for me ?

1. Antihistamines.  I would suggest stay away. They may give you temporary relief and are good for SOS, but if your problem came back, don't trust Anithistamines again.

2. Decongestantsnasal sprays (steroids) etc. They again - are helpful to some extent, and are generally a temporary solution and should be used as SOS measure.

3. Don't be silly in relating this to common cold, fever, cough, flu or anything of that sort. So your regular OTC medicines will give you only so much relief.



It is incurable and people will need the medicines life long, and have to live with it.


What worked for me (And might work for you)?

Give away your hopes on allopathy for this one. Believe me. They will only suppress the symptoms for some time.

I followed just 2 things:

1. Homeopathy - I was too wrong and stupid to believe all those articles saying that homeopathy doesn't work and this is an alternative medicinal system which is yet to be tested. BS.

Here's the exact medicine I used:

Arsenic, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum   along with minor dosage of Histaminum dilution

 You will need a homeopathic doctor, who can provide the above medicines to you - Do not buy them yourselves. As the correct amount of dilution, they will only know.

Homeopathy works by introducing the disease into your body - making sure with other dosages, that your body heals by itself. And develops the right antibodies required. Thus a permanent solution.

You just have to believe it and give it around 4 to 5 days.

I was too reluctant to use this route, but after one of my close relatives forced me to try it out, I did. And I just wonder - why couldn't have I believed him earlier. It changed my life - by eliminating my biggest daily enemy.

2. Golden milk.  Along with the above.

You can google about it. Believe me it works magically and helps cure several other problems.


I hope you might have gotten some hope about your problem, and are willing to try the above very safe and easy methods. 

Please consult your doctor, and try them out for atleast one month - let me know in the comments how did you feel afterwards.